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From a Poetically Consistent & Rational POV

This page consists mostly of videos explaining my natal chart system.  Please feel free to ask questions and suggest topics for future videos.


The signs represent the potential stages within a life cycle - they are not directly linked to the stars.

Constellations were used in the ancient world as a timepiece to identify periods within the yearly cycle. "Astrology", which means "study of stars" is an inaccurate term for this art).

The chart is a representation of the state of the solar system at a particular moment from the point of view of planet Earth.  Our lives are all unavoidably Earth-centric.

The solar system is the continually evolving context within which Earth and earth-life are placed.


The Natal Chart can be likened to a drama wherein the signs are the stage, the objects are the characters and the "aspects" are the action between the characters. 

In this video I discuss the characters of the planets, sun and moon.

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Peer into someone else's life!

I extend significant discounts to anyone willing to have their reading publicly uploaded as a video.  To this date only one brave soul has taken me up on this offer.  If you want to know what a reading is like - here you go!

If you like the idea of getting a discount on your reading know that your identity will not be revealed (unless you want it to be!).  Please contact me for details.


(I Ching)

I have not yet released any information on my method of yijing interpretation.  Nevertheless - I have published a theory of the trigrams and bagua which are the constituent components of the yijing's hexagrams. 

Here is a paper on the subject and below is the first in a series of videos in this YouTube playlist.

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