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"As a novice, I thought it was fascinating to learn the signs have an order which builds to the next level of growth.  The personal insight I gained has been extremely helpful in understanding how I navigate life.  I often go back to "my moon is in Gemini" to remind myself it is how I process and I'm not being indecisive.  I was impressed enough with the reading to give each of my daughters the gift of a reading and have recommended Noah to several friends."

Debbie Taylor

"What a totally refreshing and fascinating explanation of the signs. I've had a hard time getting into this stuff because the signs just don't compute, but this way of looking at it is so much more intuitive."

Cahlen Lee

"Thank you Noah.  Great time today. It was very insightful and the best Astrology reading I have had due to your overarching knowledge of the science and ability integrate this into a personal chart and life experience."

Jennifer Wright

"Having had my chart done in the past I found Noah's method of interpretation and the wisdom he offered to be particularly insightful. Noah was able to explain the interconnections of my chart with such clarity that I was able to truly understand it as I've not been able to before. If you're wanting to gain deeper insight into your natal chart and the fundamental aspects of who you are I highly recommend a reading from Noah."

"For what lies inside the human being is the whole spiritual cosmos in condensed form. In our inner organism we have an image of the entire cosmos." R. Steiner

Judah Veitel

"My session offered new and fresh ways of looking at lifelong patterns and the insights will be most  helpful as i aspire to live the best version of myself."

Carole Wilson

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You are a microcosm of the macrocosm

"as above so below"

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